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Refreshed Compact is published

The Compact is the longstanding agreement that sets out shared commitments and guidelines for effective partnership working between government and the third sector in England. The original Compact was agreed in November 1998. A new, refreshed and simplied version was published today  (15/12/09) following extensive debate and consultation. This Compact highlights the shared principles which Compact partners should follow [...]

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Let’s Get Greener Together

The climate threat is worse than many experts predicted just a few years ago. It affects us all without prejudice. Many in the co-operative movement draw attention to the climate threat through demonstration or petition, which are valuable actions. The Greener Together – the co-operative way initiative builds on to those actions by supporting individuals to change [...]

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Guest post: Chris Church on emerging work on ‘Strong’ sustainable consumption and the ‘degrowth’ agenda

[This is a guest post from Chris Church (co-Director of the social enterprise Mapping for Change)] I just returned from the ‘Making an Impact – Collective Actions Towards Sustainable Consumption and Production‘ conference. This was the end of a two year EU funded programme on how civil society organisations (third sector to you and me!) [...]

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Invitation to Bid: Volunteering & Inland Waterways

On Thursday (10/12/09) the Inland Waterways Advisory Council (IWAC) announced an invitation to bid to undertake research into volunteering. They are interested to learn how to attract, integrate and retain volunteers. The deadline for bids is noon on Monday 11/1/10. The IWAC press release is here (you may have to scroll down). The full Terms of Reference [...]

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Diversity Project Coordinator – the Transition Network is recruiting

The Transtion Network is recruiting a Diversity Project Coordinator to ‘Develop models and practices to enable the transition movement to successfully engage across culture, race, faith and income groups’.  Full details are here. The recruitment detail refers to a recent piece of research that others may find helpful. A Fine City in Transition gives a [...]

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After Copenhagen: opportunities and challenges

  Schumacher College has organised a number of training programmes which will be exploring the opportunities and challenges following the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, which is currently taking place.  The Copenhagen summit is one of the most significant international events of our time. Further information about the course is available on the Schumacher website.  Here [...]

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Social Enterprise Ambassadors call for public sector to give credit where credit’s due

[This is a guest post, from the Social Enterprise Coalition.] England’s Social Enterprise Ambassadors used Social Enterprise Day on 19th November 2009 to call for public sector spending decisions to fairly give credit for the added benefits that social enterprises deliver. Peter Holbrook, Chair of the Social Enterprise Ambassadors’ public sector taskforce and CEO of [...]

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REalliance conference and key reports

I was pleased to be able to attend the second day of the first REalliance conference yesterday (2/12/09) at The Business Design Centre in London. It was a real learning experience for me because although I know many people from the sector involved in re-use and re-cycling, I am still learning when it comes to [...]

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CDF launches “Green Up!” guide.

The Community Development Foundation (CDF) has launched “Green Up! Five ways of working with your council on sustainability: a practical guide for community and voluntary groups.”  Here is some information from CDF about what you can expect from the guide: Green Up! is a key resource for community groups who want to work with their [...]

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