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Plunkett Foundation to review rural social enterprises

Defra and the Office for Civil Society have commissioned the Plunkett Foundation to review the economic, social and environmental impacts of rural social enterprise in England. The research and development project will collect evidence on the contributions made by social enterprises to rural communities.  It will be used to inform the understanding of Defra and [...]

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Plunkett to lead in support of community pubs

  Pubs Minister John Healey announced a 12 point action plan on 18 March to give practical support to community pubs up and down the country, backed by £4million in government funding to address the problem of nearly 40 pubs closing each week, leaving many communities without a pub. The Plunkett Foundation, who are a [...]

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Raising awareness of social enterprise within Defra

[Guest post by The Plunkett Foundation] The role of social enterprise in contributing to Defra’s objectives was the flavour of the hour at a recent Defra lunchtime policy seminar (11/2/10). Peter Couchman of the Plunkett Foundation, outlined the multiple outcomes, relevant to goverments, that social enterprises deliver.  For example, Rockingham Forest Trust in Northamptonshire, which in addition [...]

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Rural Communities – the right to try

This event will be held on 27 January 2010 at the Cavendish Conference Centre, London and will explore a specific and practical proposition to return power to rural communities: the Right to Try. If a village shop is threatened with closure, the community should have the right to try to replace it before it is [...]

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Let’s Get Greener Together

The climate threat is worse than many experts predicted just a few years ago. It affects us all without prejudice. Many in the co-operative movement draw attention to the climate threat through demonstration or petition, which are valuable actions. The Greener Together – the co-operative way initiative builds on to those actions by supporting individuals to change [...]

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Rural Communities Taking Control of Service Provision for Older People

[Guest blog post by Mike Perry of the Plunkett Foundation] ‘Working Together for Older People in Rural Areas’, a joint project between the Social Exclusion Task Force and Defra, launched their findings last week. The project findings highlighted a range of challenges in providing services to older people in rural areas. A principle finding was [...]

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UK Climate Projections launched (significant!)

This image shows one of the things that happens in the UK if temperatures rise to 35 C on two consecutive days – the roads melt. So what are the chances of this happening? Well this is the sort of thing that the UK Climate Projections tools, launched by Defra later today (18/6/09), are designed to tell [...]

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