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Greenprint to 2050

[This is a guest post from Trewin Restorick from Global Action Plan.  Trewin is a member of the Defra Civil Society Advisory Board] Climate Squad, now 1 year old, is embarking on a new adventure that will outline the steps youth want to take for a low carbon 2050 – empowering them to take charge and [...]

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Three inspiring third sector ‘waste projects’

[Guest post by Marc Owen, Policy Adviser, Waste Strategy - Policy and Processes, Defra]   Photos courtesy of Green-Works Officials from the Defra Waste Programme recently visited three inspiring third sector projects in London. Vital Regeneration works in London’s most deprived neighbourhoods, developing sustainable and effective social, environmental and economic programmes. We were shown their [...]

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How Defra is supporting the Low Carbon Communities Challenge

[Guest post by Harriet Festing, Deputy Head, community-led policy making, Department of Energy and Climate Change]  Over the winter, Grassroots third sector organisations participating in the “UK’s largest citizen-led trial on sustainable living” were given £100,000 from Defra to deliver their citizen engagement plans.  The funding is Defra’s contribution to a cross-government initiative: the Low Carbon [...]

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Raising awareness of social enterprise within Defra

[Guest post by The Plunkett Foundation] The role of social enterprise in contributing to Defra’s objectives was the flavour of the hour at a recent Defra lunchtime policy seminar (11/2/10). Peter Couchman of the Plunkett Foundation, outlined the multiple outcomes, relevant to goverments, that social enterprises deliver.  For example, Rockingham Forest Trust in Northamptonshire, which in addition [...]

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Guest post: Chris Church on emerging work on ‘Strong’ sustainable consumption and the ‘degrowth’ agenda

[This is a guest post from Chris Church (co-Director of the social enterprise Mapping for Change)] I just returned from the ‘Making an Impact – Collective Actions Towards Sustainable Consumption and Production‘ conference. This was the end of a two year EU funded programme on how civil society organisations (third sector to you and me!) [...]

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Social Enterprise Ambassadors call for public sector to give credit where credit’s due

[This is a guest post, from the Social Enterprise Coalition.] England’s Social Enterprise Ambassadors used Social Enterprise Day on 19th November 2009 to call for public sector spending decisions to fairly give credit for the added benefits that social enterprises deliver. Peter Holbrook, Chair of the Social Enterprise Ambassadors’ public sector taskforce and CEO of [...]

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Campaigning – part of what third sector organisations do

Campaigning is an important part of what the third sector does. This can change hearts and minds and create the environment for tough political decisions to be made . . . . the Drop the Debt Campaign springs to mind. This guest post is by Trewin Restorick, CEO, Global Action Plan and highlights their COPArt Campaign Do [...]

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The Environment Sector and Race

Michael Shamash – DITO, Tower Hamlets | Chris Church – Director CEA | Julian Agyeman – Tufts University GUEST POST from Capacity Global Could the environmental sector do a better job of engaging with ethnic and other minorities and helping them solve their problems? Yes it could, by a long way. According to a new [...]

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Rural Communities Taking Control of Service Provision for Older People

[Guest blog post by Mike Perry of the Plunkett Foundation] ‘Working Together for Older People in Rural Areas’, a joint project between the Social Exclusion Task Force and Defra, launched their findings last week. The project findings highlighted a range of challenges in providing services to older people in rural areas. A principle finding was [...]

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