Greenprint to 2050

[This is a guest post from Trewin Restorick from Global Action Plan.  Trewin is a member of the Defra Civil Society Advisory Board]
Climate Squad
Climate Squad, now 1 year old, is embarking on a new adventure that will outline the steps youth want to take for a low carbon 2050 – empowering them to take charge and shape their future!

Launched in June 2010 at the Barbican Centre in London, the Greenprint to 2050 will gather over 1000 young people’s visions of 2050 to create a report outlining what young people want their low carbon future to look like. The Greenprint covers six key topics: education and employment, energy, healthcare, home life, leisure and transport.

The Greenprint encourages young people to think positively about taking action on climate change. After creating a positive vision of how they would like their low carbon future to be, young people will be equipped with an invaluable tool – a goal, a dream and a vision to aspire to!

Once complete, Climate Squad will work with volunteers towards achieving the vision. The first step will be to present the Greenprint to political leaders and corporates at the House of Commons – demonstrating the desire for change and taking the first step towards turning the vision into reality.

16-25 year olds can take part across the country through online questionnaires, group workshops and online debates. Climate Squad also works with youth groups, schools and universities across the country to deliver Greenprint workshops.

If you are interested in the workshops or would like more information please e-mail

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  1. PhiliHuang
    Posted 22 September, 2010 at 2:42 pm | Permalink

    Government should provide more bonus on replacement of energy saving
    products. Such as solar system, Wind turbine, heat pumps. Especially heat recovery heat pump.
    Economical method is the best way to encourage people to pay attention to

    the energy saving.

  2. JC Edwards
    Posted 2 December, 2010 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    great initiative. I work with kids in junior rugby and initiatives like this can only help develop more rounded individuals

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