Funding avaliable for third sector organisations: to inspire sustainable living using the Olympic and Paralympic Games as inspiration.

Defra has today launched a Third Sector Fund to Inspire Sustainable Living using the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  

The funding will be available to third sector led projects, that will use the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire Sustainable Living, specifically in the areas of:

  • Active travel (walking and cycling more);
  • Sustainable consumption – e.g. eco products or local and seasonal food;
  • Greener gardens/local areas;
  • More efficient resource use – particularly energy and water;
  • Waste less – recycle more.

The expectation is that the funded organisations will have fully developed an intervention that will lead to the adoption of greener behaviours by communities and individuals and they will have built the capacity of the project to continue the delivery of its outputs up to 2012 and beyond.  At the end of March 2011, the beneficiaries will be required to submit a progress report and to account for how they have used the funding for Defra.

The funding will be seedcorn funding, for a year.  However we will explore developing how we can work with projects in subsequent years by making linkages between other Government Departmental projects around the Olympics and seek ways of providing other forms of support, to help the projects deliver their outputs.  Going forwards we intend to hold a series of workshops exploring the types of resources that would be useful to organisations bidding for the funding.

If you would like further information you are invited to visit this page on the Defra website.  The relevant forms will be made avaliable in due course to those organisations that register an interest on the site.  The press announcement, made by environment Minister Dan Norris can be found here.

This fund discharges action number 34 in “Shaping our Future”, the joint Ministerial and third sector Task Force on Climate Change, the Environment and Sustainable Development, which is: “In 2010 Defra has earmarked funding for activities focused on supporting individuals and communities to adopt more sustainable behaviours using the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games as an inspiration. The funding is for one year only but the intention is that it will catalyse activities that will extend up to 2012 and beyond.”

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  1. cyberdoyle
    Posted 4 April, 2010 at 11:26 am | Permalink

    the way forward is for everyone to have access to decent internet connectivity. this will reduce our carbon footprint, help us to educate ourselves and research ways of more sustainable living. Its time Defra got real and stopped thinking up such stupid schemes and used the funding to get a connection to the rural people who are still on dialup. Just sayin.

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