Have your say! Action to boost support for civil society and cut council red tape

The Department of Communities and Local Government is consulting on new Best Value guidance, which sets out some reasonable expectations on the way best value authorities (which include local authorities) should work with voluntary and community groups when facing difficult funding decisions.

Under the duty of best value, the guidance says that authorities should consider overall value, including environmental and social value, when reviewing service provision.  The guidance contains arrangements for wide consultation and specifies that authorities should be sensitive to the benefits and needs of voluntary and community sector organisations.  It contains provisions that should be adhered to when seeking to avoid passing on disproportionate cuts, including a minimum notice period when reducing or ending funding, early engagement, and arrangements to invite civil society organisations to reshape services or projects.

DCLG would would welcome comments from any organisations or individuals with an interest.  The consultation closes on 14 June 2011.  To download a copy of the consultation document, and to obtain details on how you can respond to the consultation, please see this link to the DCLG website.

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