Campaigning – part of what third sector organisations do

Campaigning is an important part of what the third sector does. This can change hearts and minds and create the environment for tough political decisions to be made . . . . the Drop the Debt Campaign springs to mind.

This guest post is by Trewin Restorick, CEO, Global Action Plan and highlights their COPArt Campaign
COPArt logo
Do you want to get your message about climate change to the world leaders at Copenhagen?

Climate Squad have recently launched the COPArt project, giving creative and innovative thinkers the opportunity to make their mark and express their concerns on climate change in a unique way.

COPArt is a visual petition aimed at anyone who is passionate about climate change and wants to inspire people to act now! People of all ages are asked to upload images or clips they have created, either representing the action they are taking to tackle climate change, or their main concerns about climate change issues. The art can take the form of any medium, for example; video recorded performance, music, sculpture and poetry, photography, fine art, collages and films… anything at all! Submitted art pieces will be collated to form one large digital picture montage. The final COPArt will then be displayed at Copenhagen this December so that politicians from around the globe can witness what people passionately feel and want to do about catastrophic climate change.

There have been over 100 entries so far, some of which have been incredibly inspiring. Take a look at the COPArt website to get a feel of the positive action on climate change which has been encouraged by the artists. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a statement about climate change in such a creative way and ensure it gets the attention it deserves!

Not only will the art be displayed at Copenhagen, the winning art will be used as the design for future Climate Squad t-shirts! If you would like to take part, take a look at the COPArt website.   

Trewin Restorick
Global Action Plan – creating the climate for change

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