Defra's 3rd Sector Strategy CoverWelcome to Defra’s Civil Society Blog. This is a way of us keeping you informed of what we are up to and giving you a mechanism to engage with the progress we make. You can subscribe to this blog’s email alert system or RSS feed or comment on the things you see here.

This is a bit of an experiment and so we will be modifying things as we progress based on your feedback and our efforts to get blogging embedded into our everyday activities here in the Defra Civil Society Team.

How will we use this blog?

In the past it has been difficult to provide opportunities for all civil society organisations, large and small, to engage with what we do. This means that we have very strong relationships with a few high profile, usually umbrella bodies. Because these bodies know us well and know who to contact, the relationships get stronger and stronger. In future when we are asked a question by one of these bodies and the answer would be of use to others, the answer will be placed here, rather than in an email, so that others benefit and can comment.

We will also use this blog for breaking news and developments. Much of this information will ultimately form part of our section of the Defra website. Our Civil Society pages are here.

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