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'Dementia gene' explored in teens

Tuesday Nov 6 2012

Alzheimer’s could be spotted 20 years before symptoms develop

A "dementia gene" has been found in a third of teenagers, "helping to predict the disease 20 years before devastating symptoms strike", the Daily Mail claims. While, according to the Daily Express, the "dementia gene"...

Drinking alcohol every day 'link' to brain damage

Friday Oct 26 2012

The 'Grapes of Daft' – wine / brain damage link

'Just two glasses of wine a day can nearly halve the number of brain cells we produce' is the warning in the Daily Mail. The news is prompted by a recent study looking at how moderate drinking affects brain cell development and cognitive function…

Junk food 'fuelling stroke crisis for young people'

Thursday Oct 11 2012

Strokes now a 'disease of middle-age'

Young people who binge on fast food are “at risk of developing a stroke”, according to a Daily Express report. This news is based on a large study carried out in the US that examined trends in stroke over the course of a decade...

New drug to 'stop stroke surgery damage'

Monday Oct 8 2012

New drug 'protects against' stroke damage

'New drug lowers stroke risk after surgery' The Daily Telegraph explains. Researchers were looking at a new drug called NA-1, to see if it could prevent strokes occurring after brain surgery - a common complication that can result in brain damage

High blood pressure in pregnancy 'can lower' child’s IQ

Thursday Oct 4 2012

High blood pressure in pregnancy 'can lower' child’s IQ

'High blood pressure during pregnancy can cause lifelong effect on child's IQ' the Daily Mail claims, as they report on a Finnish study. But for those worried that they’ve been born stupid, the study only found an average of a four point difference…

Aspirin may curb memory loss in elderly women

Thursday Oct 4 2012

Aspirin may help prevent memory loss in elderly

'Daily dose of aspirin may help prevent memory loss in elderly' BBC News report. The advice is based on a Swedish study looking at whether the use of low-dose aspirin, primarily used to prevent blood clots, could also help prevent cognitive decline…

Walking to rhythm can 'help beat symptoms of Parkinson's'

Monday Sep 24 2012

Walking to rhythm can 'help beat' symptoms of Parkinson’s

'Walking to music could help patients with Parkinson's disease' the Daily Mail explains. The suggestion is based on recent research that found that walking to a set beat may improve the symptoms of people with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease…

Growing up in countryside 'doubles Alzheimer's risk'

Wednesday Sep 19 2012

Growing up in countryside 'doubles Alzheimer's risk'

'Growing up in the countryside could double the risk of Alzheimer’s disease' the Daily Mail tells us after researchers studied how rates of the disease differed between urban and rural environments. Though what is causing this effect remains a mystery…

Tackles on the rugby pitch 'increase dementia risk' claims

Thursday Sep 6 2012

Tackles on the rugby pitch 'increase dementia risk' claims

'Playing rugby could increase the chance of dementia' the Daily Telegraph warns. This is a somewhat puzzling claim seeing that the research they are referring to is into an entirely different sport!...

Altered sleep patterns 'early sign' of Alzheimer's

Thursday Sep 6 2012

Altered sleep patterns 'early sign' of Alzheimer’s

“Bad sleep may predict Alzheimer’s,” the BBC has reported, saying that “problems sleeping may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s if a study in mice also applies to people”. This news is based on research into the association between sleep patterns...

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