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NHS Business Partners

As the NHS has evolved, the range of NHS providers from the independent and third sectors offering NHS-commissioned services and requiring information management and technology (IM&T) integration has increased significantly.

Recognising the growing importance of these sectors to the NHS and the need for effective integration with NHS systems and applications, NHS Connecting for Health (NHS CFH) introduced the NHS Business Partners programme (previously known as the Independent Sector Healthcare programme).

The programme provides a dedicated contact point within NHS CFH for both NHS commissioners and, where appropriate, their contracted healthcare providers and their system suppliers. It can:

  • provide advice and guidance on integrating with NHS systems and applications, tailored to the needs of commissioners and healthcare providers
  • and support providers and their system suppliers with achieving system compliance with NHS systems and services


Further guidance and advice for NHS commissioners and healthcare providers is available in the following documents from the NHS Business Partners programme:

Further information

If you are an NHS commissioner, or healthcare provider from the independent or third sectors and would like advice and support from the NHS Business Partners programme on integrating with the NHS systems and applications, please contact