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Changes to NHS CFH publication ordering system

NHS Connecting for Health (NHS CFH) has recently changed the way in which its publications are ordered.

All NHS CFH and Informatics Directorate publications are now available to order via the Department of Health's Publications Orderline.

This will result in a much more integrated experience for anyone wishing to order both NHS CFH/Informatics Directorate and other Department of Health publications.

Please note that you will first need to register for the orderline before you can proceed with your order. To locate a product, then either search by the product's four digit reference number or browse all of our products within the NHS Connecting for Health section. Please note that Summary Care Record Public Information Programme (SCR PIP) materials are located separately on the ordering system within the "Summary Care Records" section.

If you require any assistance using the ordering system or locating a product, please telephone 0300 123 1002.