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The Collections Catalogue is a searchable database of current and past national data collections relating to health care. As a single point of reference the Catalogue supports the Health and Social Care Information Centres aim of streamlining data collections and improving access to information.

The Catalogue’s web based search facility allows you to see what information is already available, and from where it may be obtained.

As of June 2012, the Catalogue carries details of more than 400 past and present collections from the NHS, including those collected by the Department of Health, Arm’s Length Bodies, NHS Regulators, Government Departments, professional bodies and anyone who collects health care information on a national level. The catalogue includes all Review of Central Returns (ROCR) approved collections, which are mandated for collection from the NHS, and also includes some returns that the ROCR team are aware of but are not mandated.

We are always keen to improve the service, so if there are any national collections that are not listed within the Collections Catalogue, please let us know via our feedback form. Equally we welcome any other comments or suggestions about this service.
0845 300 6016