Take part in consultation on new care objectives for improving health and healthcare

New objectives for the improvement of health and healthcare have been set out for public consultation.

‘Our NHS care objectives: a draft mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board’ sets out Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s expectations for the health service and marks the move to a more patient-centred, independent, transparent and outcomes focused NHS.

The mandate aims to:

  • set care objectives that really matter to people
  • ensure that patients continue to receive high quality care every time – care that is effective, safe and results in patients having as positive an experience as possible
  • make sure that there is clear accountability and a transparent way to tell whether the Board is getting results
  • set out a clear expectation for continual improvement across the health service.

There are 12 specific consultation questions, five of which are overarching:

  • will the mandate drive a culture which puts patients at the heart of everything the NHS does?
  • do you agree with the overall approach to the draft mandate and the way the mandate is structured?
  • are the objectives right? Could they be simplified and/or reduced in number; are there objectives missing? Do they reflect the over-arching goals of NHS commissioning?
  • what is the best way of assessing progress against the mandate, and how can other people or organisations best contribute to this?
  • do you have views now about how the mandate should develop in future years?

Respond to the consultation online

Download Our NHS care objectives: A draft mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board
Download Developing our NHS care objectives: A consultation on the draft mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board
Download Our NHS care objectives: A draft mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board – Annexes

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said:

‘In the past there has been too much focus on systems and processes rather than people. For the first time the mandate will focus on holding the health service to account for results that make a difference to people.

‘Objectives for improving care will be shaped by what the public needs and will be one of the most important ways the Government can hold the new system to account.’

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