General enquiries policy

Our service levels for responding to your enquiries.

The Department for Communities and Local Government will always try to be helpful to everyone who contacts us.

We will make a note of all comments given to us about Department policies, and will make sure they reach the policy officials and Ministers concerned.

We will answer your general questions about Department policies, and will, whenever possible, give general advice about how Department policies and practices might affect you. We cannot, however, be held responsible for any losses that you might believe result from any general guidance we give, so you should always consult your own advisers when appropriate.

Telephone enquiries

Telephone number: 0303 444 0000

The helpdesk is open between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday. The staff can usually deal with simple and routine queries straight away. If not, they can almost always connect you to one of our enquiry contacts in the relevant policy division, who should be able to deal with any issue you might raise.

If we cannot answer your question immediately, one of our enquiry contacts will phone you back as soon as they can and when it's convenient to you if you leave your contact details. We might ask you occasionally to give us your contact details in a voicemail message, but we will always try to make that as simple as possible, and will always return your calls as quickly as we can.

We deal with many thousands of phone calls every year and we aim to provide the same high quality and helpful service to everyone who calls. This inevitably means that we cannot devote our time to matters apart from the policies of the Department, or to entering into lengthy debates about the Government's policies, nor can we enter into repeated discussions of the same matters with the same caller. Please also note that we are not able to provide members of the public with the contact details of members of our staff who are not enquiry contacts, nor to connect members of the public with Ministers' offices.

Letter enquiries

We aim to respond to all letters about Department policies within 15 working days of receipt. As a general rule, we do not respond individually to large volumes of identical correspondence. However, we do keep a record of the volumes received and we make sure this information is passed to the relevant officials.

Email enquiries

We aim to reply to all emails within 15 working days. Please do not send enquiries to the personal email accounts of members of staff - if they are away from the office for any length of time, you will not get the level of service we aim to provide.  See our lists of policy-specfic enquiry contacts and choose the most appropriate address for your email enquiries.

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