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Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet

Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet

Published 1 January 2003
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Site Planning, building and the environment
Product code 04 BR 02208 (English version) 04 BR 02208W (Welsh version)
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The Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet is currently out of print and we will provide an update on its availability later in the year. For general information about building regulations relating to your building project visit the 'Interactive House' on the Planning Portal website (see link on the right).

The Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet  was last fully revised in May 2004, with a minor amendment in February 2005 to encompass the new Part P (Electrical safety). It provides an introduction to the Building Regulations in England and Wales only and is intended for anyone proposing to carry out building projects. It is not a statement of the law but is intended to help you to understand the system. It does not include amendments made by Building Regulations amendments in 2006 and 2007 (see Circulars 03/2006, 05/2006 and 02/2007). If you have a question about these amendments and your building work, you should contact your local Building Control Body.

To help you understand more about the subjects referred to in the booklet, sources of assistance and information are listed in Annex B at the back.

The booklet deals only with the Building Regulations. Work that your project involves may also be subject to other statutory requirements such as planning permission, fire precautions, water regulations or licensing/registration. You should particularly bear in mind that complying with the Building Regulations is a separate matter from obtaining planning permission for your work. Similarly, receiving any planning permission your work may require is not the same as taking action to ensure that it complies with the Building Regulations.


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