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David CameronPrime Minister inspects new carrier construction

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, visited Rosyth dockyard yesterday to see the work taking place to build the first of the two new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.16 Oct 12

A Tornado GR4 pilot signals to ground crewNew anti-laser eyewear for pilots tested

A new type of laser eye protection (LEP) for pilots is being tested by the Ministry of Defence.12 Oct 12

Viking tracked vehiclesGreen light for £37m Viking regeneration

The Royal Navy's fleet of Viking amphibious all-terrain vehicles is to be regenerated under a new...3 Oct 12

A soldier tries on a pair of visual augmentation gogglesScience and Technology showcased for the Army

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) demonstrated its land environment Science and...3 Oct 12

Dr Peter Harvey checks a blip on his monitoring equipmentScientist supports military colleagues in Helmand

From Camp Bastion in southern Afghanistan, MOD scientist Dr Peter Harvey explains the role of the...26 Sep 12

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