This document outlines the main recommendations of the report by Lord Dearing and Dr Lid King, the DfES National Director for Languages, it includes a package of measures to ensure a more relevant and motivating experience in language learning.

Lord Dearing and Dr Lid King have proposed that Languages become a compulsory part of the curriculum from 7 to 14 and that there should be a three year blueprint of fresh measures to secure a renaissance of languages in secondary schools.

The latter should include establishing an Open School for Languages, introducing more engaging courses and assessment and expanding training opportunities for secondary teachers.

The Secretary of State has welcomed the Languages Review and the DfES are considering how to take the recommendations forward.


  • The Problem and the Response in Outline
  • Making the Case for Languages
  • What Needs to be Done – motivating learners and supporting teachers
  • Supporting Action and Conclusion
  • Appendices