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Future Aircraft

Since the dawn of powered flight, aircraft have been an integral part of the Royal Navy. Fixed-wing aircraft helped deliver some of the Navy’s greatest 20th Century triumphs, from knocking out the Italian Fleet at Taranto and crippling the Bismarck, to playing an instrumental role in the re-taking of the Falklands in 1982. Until the advent of the F35 Lightning II towards the end of this decade, only one fixed-wing aircraft is in service with the Fleet Air Arm.


  • Lynx fliers honoured for deeds over Libya16/10/2012

    Fliers from HMS Liverpool have been rewarded for their deeds off Libya last year with a prestigious Fleet Air Arm trophy. 217 Flight of 815 Naval Air Squadron earned the Osprey Trophy having been in the thick of the action throughout much of the campaign against the Gaddafi regime.

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  • 771 fly all day in search of missing yachtswoman off Cornish coast16/10/2012

    Rescuers from Culdrose were involved in a major air and sea search for a missing pensioner and her yacht around the south-western tip of Cornwall. A Sea King from 771 NAS spent most of yesterday in the skies looking for 65-year-old Mary Unwin and her yacht Seagair, a search which resulted in wreckage of a vessel being sighted near Sennen Cove.

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  • Junglies swap Yeovilton for Dartmoor for a taste of life in the field15/10/2012

    Trainee commando fliers and engineers spent a week living and flying on Dartmoor as they were given taste of life as the wings of the Royal Marines. Sea Kings with air and ground crew from 848 Naval Air Squadron decamped from the comfortable surroundings of Yeovilton to Okehampton to experience operating the helicopters in an austere, inhospitable environment.

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  • Culdrose cyclists complete epic ride across the USA11/10/2012

    Cyclists from Culdrose completed their epic 3,100-mile ride across the USA – but only two of the four-strong team made it to the finish line in New York’s Times Square after a bus knocked over one rider. Paramedic Wayne Davey was left with a broken arm after being hit by a school bus – which was promptly chased for five miles by Royal Marine Justin Morgan who took the driver back to the scene of the accident.

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  • Cornwall Hospital medics and Culdrose aircrews join forces for training programme08/10/2012

    The Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust (RCHT) has teamed up with RNAS Culdrose for a training programme aimed at improving transfers for critically ill patients.

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