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Protecting our Nation's Interests

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Navy Board

The Navy Board is the body responsible for running the Royal Navy. It assists the First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff in his decisions. It meets seven times a year, or more frequently if required.

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Members of the Navy Board are responsible for assisting the First Sea Lord to discharge his responsibilities. Principal among these is to ensure that the Navy is fit to fight and can deliver the military capability required to defend the UK and our interests. The Navy Board comprises the following members:

First Sea Lord:

The First Sea Lord is personally accountable for the military capability generated by the Navy, the fighting effectiveness, the efficiency of forces under his command, and the morale of his personnel.

Fleet Commander & Deputy Chief of Naval Staff:

His purpose is to provide ships, submarines and aircraft ready for any operations that the Government requires.

Chief of Naval Personnel & Training and Second Sea Lord:

As the Naval Service's Principal Personnel Officer, he is responsible for providing the right numbers of suitably trained people for the tasks in hand.

Naval Member for Logistics:

He is responsible for support to ships, submarines and the three naval bases. He provides support to naval aircraft and areas of the Royal Marines, as well as all aspects of the defence supply chain.

Commandant General Royal Marines

The Commandant General Royal Marines provides the First Sea Lord with advice on Royal Marines and amphibious landing force matters.

Controller of the Navy (Capability Manager Precision Attack):

The Controller of the Navy is responsible for reporting to the Board on Royal Naval procurement and safety issues.

Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Policy):

The Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Policy) acts as the First Sea Lord's Chief Executive, working to drive forward the implementation of Admiralty Board and Navy Board decisions.

2nd Permanent Secretary:

The 2nd Permanent Secretary is the only civil service member of the board and is designated as the secretary. He adds a wider, departmental MoD view to discussions held.

Non-Executive Director (Policy)

Meetings also include: Executive Assistant to 1SL; Deputy Director Naval Staff (Minuting Secretary); Assistant Director of Defence Public Relations (Navy); and other officials and advisers as required.




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