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Senior Naval Staff

Senior Naval Staff

Serving Flag and General Officers

This area gives you information on all the senior officers currently serving in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

First Sea Lord

First Sea Lord: Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope GCB OBE ADC


Fleet Commander & Deputy Chief of Naval Staff: Admiral Sir George Zambellas KCB DSC

Chief of Naval Personnel & Training and Second Sea Lord: Vice Admiral David Steel CBE

Navy Command

Deputy Fleet Commander & Chief Naval Warfare Officer

Vice Admiral P A Jones CB

Commander Operation & Rear Admiral Submarines

Rear Admiral I F Corder

Assistant Chief of Naval Staff Capability

Rear Admiral P D Hudson CBE

Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Support)

Rear Admiral Jess

Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Aviation & Carriers)

Rear Admiral R G Harding OBE

Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Personnel) and Naval Secretary

Rear Admiral D G Steel CBE

Commander of the United Kingdom Maritime Force
(COMUKMARFOR) & Rear Admiral Surface Ships

Rear Admiral D L Potts

Flag Officer Sea Training

Rear Admiral C C C Johnstone CBE

Flag Officer Scotland, Northern England & Northern Ireland
and Flag Officer Reserve Forces

Rear Admiral C J Hockley

Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Policy)

Rear Admiral M J Parr

Commander UK Amphibious Forces &
Commandant General Royal Marines 

Major General E G M Davis CBE RM

Defence Reform (Maritime) Implementation Team Leader

Rear Admiral T P Fraser

Chaplain of the Fleet

Rev S J Brown QHC

Ministry of Defence/Centre Appointments

Surgeon General

Surgeon Vice Admiral P I Raffaelli CB QHP FRCP 

Chief of Defence Intelligence

Vice Admiral A D Richards CB

Director (Maritime Capability & Transformation) &
Controller of the Navy

Rear Admiral H H Parker

Chief of Defence Intelligence

Vice Admiral A D Richards CB

Director of Operational Airworthiness

Rear Admiral S B Charlier

Head of the British Defence Staff (Washington) & Defence Attaché

Major General F H R Howes OBE RM

National Hydrographer and DCE (Hydrography)

Rear Admiral N R Lambert

Senior Directing Staff (Naval)

Major General S T Chicken OBE RM

Assistant Chief of Defence Staff
(Nuclear & Chemical, Biological)

Rear Admiral J H J Gower OBE

Permanent Joint Headquarters Appointments

Chief of Joint Operations

Lieutenant General D A Capewell OBE RM

Commandant Joint Service Command & Staff College

Rear Admiral J A Morse

Commander Joint Medical Command  Rear Admiral CJG McArthur QHP

Defence Equipment & Support Appointments

Chief of Materiel
(Fleet and Chief of Fleet Support)

Vice Admiral A D H Mathews CB

Director Submarines & Chief Naval Engineering Officer

Rear Admiral S R Lister OBE

Chief of Strategic Systems Executive
Defence Equipment & Support

Rear Admiral M A Beverstock

Director Ship Acquisition & Deputy Director Ships

Rear Admiral S B Brunton

NATO, EU and International Appointments

Chief of Staff Supreme Allied Commander

Vice Admiral C A Johnstone-Burt OBE

Deputy Chief of Staff, Force Readiness

Major General A Salmon CMG OBE RM

Deputy Director General EU Military Staff

Rear Admiral B N B Williams CBE

Chief of Staff to the
Commander Allied Naval Forces Southern Europe

Rear Admiral J S Westbrook MBE

Deputy Commander Striking Force NATO

Rear Admiral R G Harding OBE

Director Force Reintegration

Major General D A Hook CBE RM

Senior British Military Adviser, US Central Command

Rear Admiral TP Fraser