The music manifesto outlines a DfES-DCMS strategic vision for all school age children to receive the best musical education over the next three to five years.

Its aim is to bring all formal and informal music activities of young people together to enable them to reach their full potential, and to bring musical education into the twenty-first century by developing a music sector that’s well supported by technological and broadcast media.

The publication outlines five key aims, some of which include providing every young person with access to a range of musical experiences, broadening musical interests and nurturing the most talented young musicians to develop a world class workforce in music education.

Endorsements from musicians, music organisations, and a variety of institutions are given throughout the document.

Clear details of the priorities needed in order to support and build on early years activities are also outlined, in conjunction with broadening the range and skills of teachers and other adults.


  • Key aims
  • Endorsements by music organisations