Climate change is one of the biggest challenges that we will face in the 21st century. There is no doubt over the science – the continued release of greenhouse gases will lead to severe changes in the earth’s climate.

This Carbon Management Strategy for the school sector has been issued by the DCSF. It is the first document of its kind, and seeks to provide a roadmap by which those working and studying within the school sector can begin to radically reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from schools and school related activity.

The strategy is not just about what the Government will do. It sets out proposals for what local authorities, schools and others can do to reduce emissions, reflecting the fact that action is required by all those working in the sector. This strategy has therefore been written for a wide audience, including headteachers, bursars, school business managers, local authority school finance officers and third and private sector organisations providing services to schools who can reduce schools energy consumption.


  • Vision and strategy
  • Our carbon history
  • Action for schools
  • Action for local authorities
  • Action for Government
  • Annexes