The UK faces a severe and continuing threat from international terrorism. The Government is taking tough security measures to keep people safe, but action at a local level is also essential to stop people becoming or supporting terrorists or violent extremists.

Local authorities, the police, and their partners in schools, other educational institutions and elsewhere need to take a lead in ensuring that local partnerships have been clearly tasked with driving delivery of a jointly agreed programme of action.

This guide aims to help local authorities, the police and other partner agencies, including members of Local Strategic Partnerships and Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships, to take this work forward.

The guide provides advice on establishing effective partnership working, planning and implementing a programme of action and monitoring its impact; and more detail on each of the objectives of the Prevent strategy, outlining why each is important and how they can be addressed at a local level. For each objective, this guide explains what central government is doing, provides local case studies and signposts additional information and support.


  • Ministerial Foreword
  • Executive Summary
  • Establishing an effective delivery framework
  • Further support and advice
  • Objective 1: Challenging the violent extremist ideology and supporting mainstream voices
  • Objective 2: Disrupting those who promote violent extremism and supporting the institutions where they may be active
  • Objective 3: Supporting vulnerable individuals
  • Objective 4: Increasing the capacity of communities to resist violent extremism
  • Objective 5: Addressing grievances
  • Objective 6: Developing Prevent-related research and analysis
  • Objective 7: Strategic communications
  • Annexes