Riots Communities and Victims Panel

Listening, learning and understanding

Meetings and visits

The Riots Panel travelled the country, speaking directly to people about the causes of the riots to gather evidence for the interim report, which was published on 28 November 2011. We visited many riot hit areas including Tottenham, Croydon, Ealing, Birmingham and Salford, as well as areas which did not experience any disorder such as Sheffield and Bradford.

We had one-to-one meetings with representative groups and held open public meetings in Ealing, Croydon, Salford, Tottenham, Enfield and Birmingham to make sure everyone had the opportunity to have their voice heard.

These visits enabled us to speak to shop keepers, local residents, voluntary organisations, young people, police forces and local councils to hear about the impact the riots had on their area. More information on our visits can be found under the ‘News’ section on the right hand side of this page.

A full list of the Panel’s visits can be found in our interim report (external link).

Visits - phase two

In the second phase of activity the Panel is meeting a wide range of individuals and organisations. This includes the voluntary sector, academics, youth offending teams, government departments, faith networks, specialist organisations and businesses to gather insight around the six themes identified in our interim report.

These meetings are enabling the Panel to discover more about the challenges facing society and enable them to consider ways for individuals to contribute positively to society and help prevent future riots.

Visits are still being made to areas affected by the riots - Panel member Simon Marcus has visited Liverpool and the Panel will also visit Walthamstow and Newcastle over the forthcoming weeks.

By the time the final report is published, the Panel will have travelled across the country and visited 22 areas that experienced some form of rioting and four areas that did not.

More information on the six themes can be found in our interim report - Building social and economic resilience (external link).

If you have any questions about the Panel’s programme of visits please email To keep in touch with our latest news and events follow us on twitter - @riotspanel.