Riots Communities and Victims Panel

Listening, learning and understanding

Evidence and documents

We collected evidence for the interim and final report in many different ways including public meetings, discussions with key organisations (like councils, businesses and community groups), emails, letters, and chats with local people and business owners. We are very grateful to everyone who provided their views.

Providing evidence

We would like to thank everyone who submitted written evidence and provided their views to the Panel over the past few months.

Our call for evidence closed on 1 March 2012. For more information on this see the news story ‘Riots Communities and Victims Panel’s call for evidence closes’.


The interim report was published on Monday 28 November 2011 and can be accessed via the following link: (external link).

The final report, After the Riots – the final report of the Riots Communities and Victims Panel, was published on 28 March 2012.


As part of it’s work the Riots Communities and Victims Panel commissioned Ipsos MORI to carry out some primary research on the Panel’s behalf. This research focussed on identifying relevant academic literature, interviews with offenders, and surveys of neighbourhoods in six deprived areas. Many of the results which came out of this research featured in the Panel’s final report. The full research reports can be found below:

Research for the Riots Communities and Victims Panel (Powerpoint)
Literature review (Word)