Riots Communities and Victims Panel

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Riots Communities and Victims Panel response to Metropolitan Police Review into the Disorder of August 2011

On Wednesday 14 March, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) published their Strategic Review into the Disorder of August 2011.

Darra Singh, Chair of the Riots Communities and Victims Panel said:

“The MPS report highlights a number of failings in its planning, intelligence gathering and operations during the August riots, as we also identify in our interim report.

“Critically, police community engagement in Tottenham proved to be inadequate in assessing the level of risk following the death of Mark Duggan. The admission of a poor understanding of tensions, in an area with a very poor history of community relationships with the police is, however, surprising.

“Based on our conversations with communities and other public agencies we believe that had the MPS acted more quickly, armed with better intelligence¬†- including from social media¬†- the riots would not have escalated or spread across the country.

“We welcome the recommendations in the MPS report that seek to re-build these levels of trust, particularly on improving the quality and use of Stop and Search tactics.

“It is not the Panel’s remit to investigate police tactics, which is a central consideration of the MPS report, making it complimentary to our wide ranging investigations.

“However, we are committed to working to ensure future riots can be prevented. As such we are currently looking closely at the relationship between the public and the police and will make further recommendations around this in our final report this March.”

The full MPS report can be read here MPS report into summer disorder (external link).