Riots Communities and Victims Panel

Listening, learning and understanding


Q: When will you report back? Will this be a public report?

A: The interim report, 5 days in August (external link), was published on Monday 28 November. The final report will be presented to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Official Opposition in March 2012 and will also be published on this website.

Q: How transparent will you be? Will you publish the evidence given? Will people be able to sit in on hearings?

A: We will be open in everything we do unless there are good reasons not to be. Some of the meetings will be in public so that whole communities can come together to discuss the riots. But some will necessarily be behind closed doors, for example when speaking to a victim of violence. Evidence will be published as part of our interim and final reports.

Q: How will your work interact with the Government’s social policy review?

A: We will want to understand Government thinking on its social policies to inform the review so we will speak to people in Government to find out more.

Q: Will you speak to individuals as well as organisations?

A: Absolutely. We want to hear from everyone who has a view on the riots. That is why we launched a national call for evidence - so that everyone’s voice is heard. We will also look at key debates, academic research and other evidence.

Q: Will you only speak to those directly affected by the riots?

A: No. Although it is important that the communities affected by the riots have their voices heard, part of our remit is to find out why rioting did not break out in other areas.

Q: How will you ensure that the findings and recommendations apply to the whole of the country, and not just to London?

A: We have launched a national call for evidence and have travelled up and down the country speaking to people affected by the riots. In fact, our first visit was in Manchester, not London. We have also been to Bradford, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Salford - as well as visiting several London boroughs.

Q: Is it too late to submit my evidence to the Panel now the interim report has been published?

A: Yes, the call for evidence to be sumbitted to the Panel closed on 1 March 2012. Thank you to everyone who provided us with their views. For more information please see the Contact the Panel page.