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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Gangs and gang crime: advice for parents

Children and young people face all sorts of pressures and it may be that your child is feeling pressure to follow friends who are in a gang.

You can help your child make the right choice. By recognising the signs and seeking help, you could make a positive step towards changing the course of your child's life.

Know the facts

Before you talk to your child about gangs, you'll need to make sure you know what you're talking about. It's important to understand why young people are drawn towards gangs in the first place, and you'll need to know what the law says. There's also a big difference between the fantasy of being in a gang and the reality, which may seem obvious to you but will not be so obvious to your child.

Click on the link below to find out more.

Know the signs

There are a number of warning signs to look out for which could indicate that your child is involved with a gang. Things like a change of appearance, new slang words, new friends and even falling out with old friends could all be significant. Find out what to look out for by clicking the link the below.

What you can do

There are many things you can do to help prevent your child getting involved with a gang. The most important thing is to talk to and be open with your child, and be as involved in their life as possible. If you think your child is already in a gang, it may be harder to get them to talk about it but there are ways to approach the subject.

Advice for parents on gangs and gang crime - PDF version

The information contained on the above pages is also available in PDF format. To download the leaflet click on the link below.

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