Women's equality

Our aim is to improve women’s equality in society by breaking down the remaining barriers to gender equality. To do this we need to move beyond more bureaucracy and legislation, to promoting equality through transparency and behaviour change. Our work in this area includes:

Maximising women’s contribution

Ensuring we fully use the skills and experiences of women to support economic growth, for example through the work of the Women’s Business Council, business mentors, Women on Boards and the Think, Act, Report programme.

More about women's representation in government, in public life, and on company boards.  

Changing culture and removing barriers

Promoting diversity in political and public life, and ensuring people’s contribution is not limited by their own self-image or others’ prejudices and beliefs – for example, through the Body Confidence campaign – both nationally and internationally.

We work closely with the Home Office as the government’s lead department on tackling violence against women and girls

We promote the rights of British citizens abroad and use our influence to promote international equality.The UK has signed and ratified the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Conventions including the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Bringing women’s voices into government

We want to hear women’s views about:

·         What really matters in achieving equality

·         What the top priorities for action should be

·         Examples of innovation and best practice in improving gender equality and increasing women’s economic and civic contribution

If you wish to contact the women’s engagement team please email womensengagement@geo.gsi.gov.uk

Ministers are committed to face to face dialogue with women and we run a busy programme of events to help this happen. We also publish a quarterly Women's Engagement Newsletter and occasional newsflashes. These are sent to nearly 3000 organisatons with a combined membership of 1 million women. You can subscribe to the Women's Engagement newsletter here. 

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