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Operational Taskforce

The Government has created an Operational Taskforce, acting on behalf of HM Treasury, based in Infrastructure UK. The Taskforce has a helpdesk to provide free expert advice and support to public sector partners within operational PFI projects. Public sector project managers can contact the helpdesk by e-mail at:

Operational Taskforce Note 1: Benchmarking and Market Testing Guidance (PDF, 385KB)
This guidance is designed to support public sector PFI contract managers in achieving value for money through benchmarking and market testing of soft services.

Operational Taskforce Note 2: Project Transition Guidance (PDF, 431KB)
This guidance is designed to support project and contract managers in the transition from procurement to operation. 

Operational Taskforce Note 3: Variations Protocol for Operational Projects (entered into prior to Standardisation of PFI Contracts version 4) (PDF, 214KB)
This protocol is to help public sector authorities with PFI contracts to put in place a voluntary protocol for managing variations during the operational phase of their PFI projects.

Operational Taskforce Note 4: Contract Expiry Guidance (PDF 292KB)
This guidance is designed to assist public sector Contract Managers in managing the transition from a PFI Contract to whatever new arrangement may be set up to succeed it.

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