Statutory guidance to local authorities on the civil enforcement of parking contraventions

Publisher:Department for Transport
Publication type:Instructional
Published date: 28 February 2008
Mode/topic:Roads, Legislation, Local authorities, Parking


This Statutory Guidance is published by the Secretary of State for Transport under section 87 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA).

This document is also the Secretary of State’s guidelines on uniforms that Section 76(3) of the TMA allows the appropriate authority to issue.

The Guidance sets out the policy framework for civil parking enforcement (CPE). It explains how to approach, carry out and review parking enforcement. It attempts to strike the balance between:

  • as much national consistency as possible, while allowing parking policies to suit local circumstances
  • a system that is fair to the motorist, but also effective in enforcing parking regulations

All enforcement authorities in England should use this Guidance in conjunction with the Regulations that give effect to the parking provisions in Part 6 of the TMA.

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