Civil parking policy evaluator

Access roads parking

The aim of the civil parking policy evaluator service is to help local authorities develop their civil parking enforcement (CPE) operations with a view to achieving continuous improvement. By considering the characteristics of CPE schemes, this service assesses performance and suggests potential areas for development.

There has been a fair amount of discussion within the public domain about the significance of revenue generation and the civil parking policy evaluator service is aimed at redressing this by focussing wholly on the impacts of CPE.

Employees of local authorities are invited to answer a questionnaire that is split into the six areas of CPE operation. The answers provided for each section are scored and presented on a radar plot diagram, which indicates the strengths and weaknesses in CPE services. Recommendations are provided to help address the key areas for improvement.

Results can only be accessed by the person completing the questionnaire. They will not be stored and cannot be shared with third parties including other local authorities, so please answer openly and honestly.

The civil parking policy evaluator is a password protected extranet for a specific local authority audience and is not intended for use by the general public.

If you have lost your password or you work for a local authority and feel you should be able to access the civil parking policy evaluator please contact