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Planning Policy Guidance 24: Planning and Noise

Published 3 October 1994
Type(s) Legislation and policy, Good practice and guidance
Site Planning, building and the environment
ISBN 9780117529243
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Planning Policy Guidance 24 (PPG24) guides local authorities in England on the use of their planning powers to minimise the adverse impact of noise. It outlines the considerations to be taken into account in determining planning applications both for noise-sensitive developments and for those activities which generate noise.

It explains the concept of noise exposure categories for residential development and recommends appropriate levels for exposure to different sources of noise.

It also advises on the use of conditions to minimise the impact of noise. Six annexes contain noise exposure categories for dwellings, explain noise levels, give detailed guidance on the assessment of noise from different sources, gives examples of planning conditions, specify noise limits, and advise on insulation of buildings against external noise.

PPG24 was published 3 October 1994 but dated September 1994.

Please note: This document has been cancelled and replaced by the National Planning Policy Framework , published on 27 March 2012, which sets out the Government's planning policies for England.


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