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2001 English House Condition Survey: Supporting Tables


The links below provide access to the supporting tables for the 2001 English House Condition Survey. They are produced by the Research, Analysis and Evaluation division of the Department who has overall responsibility for the survey. They are designed to provide users with detailed statistics covering the findings of the main report 'English House Condition Survey, 2001'.

Each table includes details of the population on which it is based - either dwellings or households. Figures based on households are different to those based on dwellings as some dwellings are vacant and others are occupied by more than one household. Some tables relate to subsets of these base populations (e.g all owner occupied households).

Totals may vary slightly between tables and from figures quoted in the main report due to either rounding or the effects of the distribution of missing data within the tables.

Users should recognise that some cells in tables are based on a small number of cases. Small cell sizes should be approached with caution and it may be necessary to add cells across categories before certain data can be used in any meaningful way.

Full details of the way in which the survey was conducted including details of the sample structure, survey error and its calculation for specific subgroups are provided in Appendices A and C of the main report.

Tables follow the order of the main report. All tables are prefixed by the letter A to distinguish them from information in the report itself. An index to each set of tables is provided on the first page of each workbook for ease of reference. Please click on the links below to access the tables.

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