Place Survey: England - Headline Results 2008 (Revised)

Published 23 June 2009
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Please note: As a result of further quality assurance work a revised version of this release was published on 7 September 2009 incorporating amendments to the background Excel tables.

The 2008 Place Survey provides information on people's perceptions of their local area and the local services they receive. This release summarises the headline findings for England and Government Office regions with results for individual local authorities shown in the accompanying tables.

The survey collects information on 18 national indicators for local government, used to measure local government performance for 152 county councils, metropolitan district councils, London boroughs and unitary authorities. While the Place Survey is primarily intended for use at a local level, national and regional results are provided for benchmarking purposes.

The key points from the latest release are:

About your local area

  • 80 per cent of the population were satisfied with their local area as a place to live
  • 59 per cent felt they belong to their immediate neighbourhood

Your local public services

  • 33 per cent agreed or strongly agreed that their local council provided value for money
  • 45 per cent were, taking everything into account, satisfied with the way their local council runs things

Awareness of civil protection arrangements in local area

  • 15 per cent of the population said that they were very well or fairly well informed about what to do in the event of a large-scale emergency e.g. flooding or human pandemic flu

Local decision-making

  • 29 per cent felt they could influence decisions in their local area

Helping out

  • 23 per cent had participated in formal volunteering at least once a month in the last twelve months

Getting involved

  • In the last 12 months, 14 per cent of the population had been involved in local decision-making (for example, being a member of a committee or groups relating to local services, education or standing as a local councillor)

Respect and consideration

  • 31 per cent of the population felt that there were problems with people in their local area not treating one another with respect and consideration
  • 72 per cent felt that they were treated with respect and consideration by local services
  • 76 per cent felt that people from different backgrounds got on well together in their local area

Community Safety

  • 29 per cent felt that drunk or rowdy behaviour was a problem in their area; for drug use or drug dealing the figure is 31 per cent
  • 25 per cent felt that police and other local public services sought local people's views on community safety issues; and 26 per centĀ felt that these bodies were successfully dealing with these problems

The full statistical release and accompanying tables, including regional and local authority data, are available below.

Details of officials who receive pre-release access to the statistical release up to 24 hours before publication can be found below.


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