English Housing Survey: Headline Report 2008-09

Published 23 February 2010
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Communities and Local Government published the English Housing Survey (EHS) Headline Report on Tuesday 23 February 2010. This provides the first findings of the new survey. 

The EHS began in April 2008 and brings together two former CLG housing surveys - the English House Condition Survey and the Survey of English Housing.

The report included the following highlights:

  • The number of owner occupied households fell from a peak of 14.8 million in 2005 and 2006 to 14.6 million in 2008-09.
  • Couples with no dependent children were the most common type of household (36 per cent) and the most common type of owner occupiers (42 per cent) in 2008-09.
  • Over half (59 per cent) of all private renters expected to eventually buy a home in the UK compared to only around a quarter (27 per cent) of social renters.
  • Overcrowding was highest in the rented sectors: 6.7 per cent of social rented households and 5.4 per cent of private rented households were overcrowded as measured by the bedroom standard. In contrast, only 1.6 per cent of owner occupiers were overcrowded.
  • Social sector homes were on average more energy efficient than those in the private sector (a mean SAP rating of 59 and 49 respectively) and also saw greatest improvement since 1996 with their average SAP rating increasing from 47 to 59.
  • The percentage of very energy inefficient homes (rated Bands F or G through the Energy Performance Certificate) fell by five percentage points (from 22 per cent to 17 per cent of the stock) between 2006 and 2008.
  • Some 89 per cent of homes had central heating in 2008, and 3.7 million (17 per cent of all) had condensing boilers - a more than threefold increase since 2005 when regulations were first introduced.
  • Some 7.4 million homes (33 per cent) were non-decent in 2008 (including 4.8 million homes with potentially serious hazards under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System). Overall social sector homes were in a better condition than private sector homes with 27 per cent being non-decent compared to 34 per cent.
  • In 2008, 3.1 million 'vulnerable' households' were living in the private sector of which 1.2 million (39 per cent) were living in non-decent homes, the remaining 1.9 million (61 per cent) were living in decent accommodation.


An errata was published on 14 October 2010. This note presents revisions made to data published in the 2008-09 EHS Headline Report.


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