Fire and emergencies

Operational guidance for the fire and rescue service

The Office of the Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser is now responsible for the production of operational guidance, and the repeal of outdated national legacy guidance.

Fire and rescue service personnel operate in a dynamic and sometimes hazardous environment. The activities covered include incidents involving fire, water, height, road traffic collisions, chemicals, biological hazards, radiation and acts of terrorism.

Operational guidance provides a consistency of approach and forms the basis for common operational practices.

This work is driven by the Operational Guidance Programme Board, whose role is to focus on selecting and prioritising the projects that will be developed. The Board are supported in this task by the Operational Guidance Group, who develop the scope, specifications and make recommendations about the most appropriate commissioning routes.

On all the projects, there is strong support from the fire and rescue community in England as well as the devolved administrations.

Some of our stakeholders include:

  • Chief Fire Officers Association
  • Association of Principal Fire Officers
  • Retained Firefighters Union
  • Fire Brigades Union
  • Fire Officers Association
  • Institution of Fire Engineers
  • Fire Protection Association
  • Practitioners Forum

Operational Guidance Framework

The programme will consider fresh project proposals at programme board meetings. A project proposal form can be downloaded from this page (see below).

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