Spending data for arm's length bodies

The Department for Communities and Local Government is fully committed to the Government's transparency agenda. The Department's Arms Lengths Bodies have also committed to publishing their spending data. Please use the links below for details.

Architects Registration Board (external link)

Audit Commission (external link)

Community Development Foundation (external link)

The Fire Service College (external link)

Firebuy (external link). (See also related publications below.)

Homes and Communities Agency (external link)

Housing Ombudsman Service (external link)

Infrastructure Planning Commission (external link)

The Leasehold Advisory Service (external link)

Local Government Ombudsman (external link)

London Thames Gateway Development Corporation (external link)

Olympic Park Legacy Company (external link)

Ordnance Survey (external link)
Standards for England (external link)

Tenant Services Authority (external link)

Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (external link)

Valuation Tribunal Service (external link)

West Northants Development Corporation (external link)

Expenditure data for the Planning Inspectorate and the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre can be found via the links under 'In this section'.

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