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The Department for Communities and Local Government and its arm's length bodies have been asked to open their books.

HM Treasury requires that all central Government departments publish details of their spending for transactions over £25,000, and publish monthly data by the last day of each month. This Department has lowered its threshold and publishes its transactions over £250* (from May 2012).

Government Procurement Cards Spending

The Department will be routinely publishing, on a monthly basis, Government procurement card transactions, with a value greater than £250* (from May 2012), on its website. For each transaction, the amount, supplier and date is provided.

The has also published a full breakdown of all Government procurement card spending from April 2004 to October 2011, in response to a series of Parliamentary Questions and Freedom of Information requests (see links on the right).

*Sometimes a single invoice is made up of a number of sub elements. For example, expenses related to stationery for a month (above £250) may be made up of a number of different elements (eg pens and paper), in themselves all below £250. Publishing in this way reduces the chance of fraud by removing the option for a purchaser simply to split multiple purchases with one provider into separate bills below £250.

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