Working towards better regulation

Government regulation should be consistent, accountable and easy to understand. This helps everyone - those making the regulations, the Ministers who are ultimately accountable for them, and the public.

Communities and Local Government wants to simplify and reduce the cost of Government regulation. Our aim is to make regulation:

  • open, easy to understand and user friendly
  • accountable - to Ministers and Parliament; to users and the public
  • appropriate to the issues they address
  • consistent, and non-contradictory with other rules and standards
  • carefully targeted - focusing only on the problem they exist to solve, without unintended "side effects"

What areas do our regulations cover?

Communities and Local Government regulates in these areas:

  • community cohesion
  • civil renewal
  • planning
  • housing
  • building regulations
  • local government
  • civil resilience
  • sustainable communities
  • social exclusion
  • the fire service

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