About fire and resilience

What we want to achieve

We are working with the Fire and Rescue Service and wider fire sector to ensure they have the resources necessary to:

  • reduce deaths and injuries from fire
  • promote fire prevention activity, particularly amongst the most vulnerable sectors of the community
  • respond effectively to major national emergencies, such as natural hazards (eg severe weather including flooding) and malicious threats (eg terrorist incidents).


We are currently consulting the Fire and Rescue Service and other key partners to determine which activities would be better led by the sector in order to deliver greater decentralisation and localism.

What we are doing

There are two main areas of work:

  • Fire and Resilience Programme - three projects - New Dimension, Firelink and FiReControl - which together contribute to national resilience
  • Fire and Rescue Service - a portfolio of workstreams which aim to create the conditions in which the Fire and Rescue Service is able to provide an effective service to their communities.

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