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Tips for using the search engine to find content across our websites.

Quick search

Type a query into the quick search engine in the top right corner of any page of the site. Note that our quick search is site-specific - meaning that it will return results from the practitioner site that you are currently browsing. If you wish to search across all our sites at once, use the advanced search page, or conduct the search from the corporate site.

Enter a word or phrase and click on 'Go' to begin the search. Using the buttons beneath the search box you can choose to receive results of all types, or limit the search to publications only if you know you are looking for a publication.

Searches are not case sensitive so 'Council Tax', 'COUNCIL TAX' and 'council tax' will all return the same results.

When searching for exact phrases or publication titles place your search queries in quotation marks. Eg. "beacon council scheme round eight" will return results containing the precise phrase and not results relating to rounds one to seven.

Advanced search

The advanced search allows you to limit your search options further, including which of our pracitioner sites and content types to search for, and over what date range. 

It also enables you to find archived content, which is no longer available in the site navigation but is of historical interest.

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