Fire and emergencies

Fire safety guidance and legislation

The effects of a fire can be devastating in terms of lives lost, injuries, and damage to property. Most fires are preventable, and can be avoided by householders and those responsible for commercial and other public buildings taking responsibility for and adopting fire safe behaviours and procedures.


The Department for Communities and Local Government supports the work of the Fire and Rescue Service in reducing the incidence of accidental and deliberate fires in the home and in commercial premises and other public buildings through:

  • oversight and management of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (the Fire Safety Order), and
  • the development and implementation of policies designed to reduce preventable fires in domestic dwellings.

What we are doing

We are:

  • providing fire safety risk assessment guidance to those who are seeking advice on how to comply with the provisions of the Fire Safety Order - usually employers or owners/occupiers of commercial premises and buildings to which the public have access
  • developing and implementing policies to support effective enforcement of the Fire Safety Order provisions in line with wider Government regulatory policy
  • managing the Determinations process available under the Fire Safety Order 2005
  • leading the UK Government's support for the development of an EU-wide Reference Standard to support the introduction of Fire Safer Cigarettes across the EU to reduce fire deaths and injuries caused by smoking products
  • developing, supporting and implementing policies to deliver improved fire safety outcomes, including arson reduction.

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