Fire and emergencies



The Department is working across Government and with partners to create communities that are more resilient, and able to detect, prevent and, if necessary, address disruptive challenges from a broad range of natural hazards, from flooding and human diseases through to terrorist threats, that face the UK today and in the future.


The Department operates a national network of resilience advisors who work closely with Local Resilience Forums throughout England, to plan for, respond to and recover from a wide range of emergencies.

What we are doing

To drive effective localism and create the conditions for successful places, we deliver our resilience responsibilities by undertaking the following activity:


  • Enabling resilient localities by helping places to identify for themselves the risks they face, mitigate those risks, and manage the impact of risks that materialise.
  • Support preparedness for emergencies by assisting Local Resilience Forums to plan for the response to high impact and / or wide area emergencies where the impact is likely to extend beyond the capacity of a single Local Resilience Forum to cope.


  • Providing government support to local partners when emergencies occur. The Department operates a 24/7 duty officer system and can quickly deploy Government Liaison Officers, supported by a Government Liaison Team to Strategic Co-ordination Groups.
  • In the event of a high impact emergency or one which affects more than one Local Resilience Forum / Police Force area, the Department may organise and chair a Response Co-ordinating Group.


  • In a small number of emergencies, an event is of such a scale where the Government offers additional support to localities to help them and their communities to recover from an emergency. If support for recovery is needed, the Department will provide preliminary support to the Strategic Co-ordination Group / Recovery Co-ordination Group before handing over to the Lead Government Department responsible for recovery from a particular type of emergency. There are a number of areas where this Department is the Lead Government Department for recovery, where we will continue to have a key role in supporting a local authority through the medium to long term recovery phases.

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