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Fire and Rescue National Framework

The Fire and Rescue National Framework for England sets out the Government's expectations for fire and rescue authorities.


The National Framework 2008-11 covered a broad range of activities and responsibilities for fire and rescue authorities including resilience and prevention, protection and response. In the response to the sector's Fire Futures Reports, Government committed to work with the sector to develop and consult on a revised National Framework as part of resetting the relationship between central Government and fire and rescue authorities.

The public consultation on the National Framework took place on Tuesday 13 December and ended on Monday 19 March 2012. This consultation gave partners across the sector and the general public the opportunity to share their views. The consultation document can be found below under the 'Related publications' section and has also been signposted via the Fire and Rescue Service Immediate Bulletin 7 2011.

What we are doing

This revised Framework places an emphasis on local accountability and continues to provide an overall strategic direction for the fire and rescue authorities. The revised National Framework can be found below under the 'Related publications' section along with the summary of responses document.

The priorities in the revised Framework are for fire and rescue authorities to:

  • identify and assess the full range of foreseeable fire and rescue related risks their area faces, make provision for prevention and protection activities and to respond to incidents appropriately;
  • work in partnership with their communities and a wide range of partners locally and nationally to deliver their service; and
  • be accountable to communities for the service they provide.

The revised Framework does not set out any new roles or requirements that are not already stated in the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004, the Emergencies Order 2007 and the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

This revised Framework has an open-ended duration which gives fire and rescue authorities greater certainty for planning purposes.

The existing National Framework 2008-11 remains in force until the new one is brought into effect, which will be over Summer 2012.

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