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Citizenship Survey

The Citizenship Survey (formerly known as the Home Office Citizenship Survey, or HOCS) has been commissioned every two years since 2001. Approximately 10,000 adults in England and Wales (plus an additional boost sample of 5,000 adults from minority ethnic groups) are asked questions covering a wide range of issues, including race equality, faith, feelings about their community, volunteering and participation. In 2003 there were supplementary booster samples of children (eight and nine-year-olds), young people (10 to 15-year-olds), and 20 local areas.

Since 2007, the survey has moved to a continuous design, allowing the provision of headline findings on a quarterly basis. These headline findings are being issued through a Statistical Release. See our quarterly statistical releases page below for copies of all releases. Detailed reports based on the entire annual dataset will also be published once a year.

Future of the Citizenship Survey

Following the Secretary of State's consideration of the responses received to the Department's recent public consultation, The Future of the Citizenship Survey, the Survey, which is a complex and expensive survey to run, will be cancelled. For the full statement on the cancellation see below.

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