Local government finance

This page contains information relating to local government finance statistics.

  • Local Government Financial Statistics England
    The compendium publication Local Government Financial Statistics England 19 2009 was published on 28 May 2009 by Communities and Local Government. This is a National Statistics publication released under the auspices of the UK Statistics Authority.
  • Local Authority Capital Expenditure and Receipts, England
    Local authority capital expenditure, receipts and financing. Forecast, provisional outturn and final outturn.
  • LA Revenue Expenditure and Financing, England
    LA Revenue expenditure and financing, England: Budget, Provisional Outturn & Final Outturn
  • Local Government Pension Scheme Analysis
  • Area Based Grants
    Area Based Grant is a general grant allocated directly to local authorities as additional revenue funding to areas. It is allocated according to specific policy criteria rather than general formulae. Local authorities are free to use all of this non-ring fenced funding as they see fit to support the delivery of local, regional and national priorities in their areas.

Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates

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