These pages provide quick access to three different types of data, research reports and housing surveys produced by or undertaken for Communities and Local Government.

  • Housing Live Tables
    Live tables contain data, specially chosen and collected from a variety of sources such as administrative returns from local authorities, Communities and Local Government external surveys and other government departments. The tables present the latest available summary or detailed data relating to an important or interesting aspect of a housing statistics topic.
  • Housing Surveys
    The Department conducts a number of housing surveys, including the Survey of English Housing (SEH), the English House Conditions Survey (EHCS) and the Existing Tenants Survey. In April 2008 the EHCS was integrated with the SEH resulting in a new survey known as the English Housing Survey (EHS).
  • Other Housing Statistics
    The Department also releases a wealth of statistics on other housing topics, including statistics on rough sleeping and gypsy and traveller caravans.

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