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Planning Policy Guidance (PPG) and Planning Policy Statements (PPS)

Planning Policy Guidance notes, and their replacements Planning Policy Statements, are prepared by the Government after public consultation to explain statutory provisions and provide guidance to local authorities and others on planning policy and the operation of the planning system.


The majority of this guidance has been cancelled and replaced by the National Planning Policy Framework, published on 27 March 2012, which sets out the Government's planning policies for England.

The exceptions are Planning Policy Statement: eco-towns - A Supplement to Planning Policy Statement 1; Annex E of Planning Policy Guidance 7: The Countryside - Environmental Quality and Economic and Social DevelopmentPlanning Policy Statement 10: Planning for Sustainable Waste ManagementPlanning Policy Statement 25: Development and Flood Risk - Practice Guide and Planning Policy Statement 25 Supplement: Development and Coastal Change - Practice Guide.

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