Eastern Yar flood and erosion management strategy

Produced in partnership with Isle of Wight Council, our strategy sets out how we will manage current and future risk of flood and coastal erosion in the Eastern Yar catchment, between Alverstone and Bembridge Harbour.

Flooding is a real risk facing people and their properties within the Eastern Yar catchment between Alverstone and Bembridge Harbour. If sea level rises as predicted, we estimate that, without action, within 100 years more than 730 properties in low-lying areas will be at risk from sea flooding with a 1-in-200 chance of happening in any year.

Under our strategy, the vast majority of properties in the area will have an overall reduction in risk, with defences at Embankment Road being improved to cope with predicted sea level rise. Isle of Wight Council will maintain the Duver seawall and we recommend that riparian (riverside) owners maintain the harbour walls at St Helens. No work is needed to maintain the groyne at Bembridge Point.

The risk of river flooding associated with the Eastern Yar may increase over time due to the predicted impacts of climate change.

The strategy recognises that securing government funding for building and maintaining defences cannot be guaranteed. Flood and coastal risk management spending has to be prioritised on a national basis to ensure the maximum benefit for the money spent.

We approved the strategy in December 2010.

Supporting documents

These documents support the strategy. You can also contact us for a copy of the Business Case (Strategy Approval Report).

We held a public consultation between 30 November 2009 and 5 March 2010. We received a huge response and 500 people visited our public exhibitions. We were able to answer many questions, hear concerns and talk to local residents about our recommendations in detail.

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